For as long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with video. As a kid I would find ways to stay awake long enough to watch the news.  As a teenager, I recorded my own highlight reels of the St. Louis Cardinals during the playoffs and World Series Championships (yes I still have them). 

By the time I got to college it was no surprise, Communication and Journalism would become my focus.  During my career I have been fortunate to gain experience across a wide range of video categories. 

I cut my chops working in the fast paced and deadline driven world of local news, starting off as a video editor and eventually moving into a producer role.

Throughout my career I have produced celebrity, entertainment, political, sports, lifestyle, cooking and event programming. 

I have also been tasked with creating, consulting and executive producing ongoing shows, TV specials and documentaries that have aired on networks and local television. 

But the one thing that drives me is my passion for video storytelling. I am inspired by those who are making a difference through small and large acts. I feel compelled to share their passion and vision to expand awareness of their work.

I am an advocate for the under represented and use my experience to amplify their voices. I believe our video stories should reflect the diverse world we live in. 

I tell those stories in several ways 

Let’s build something together.

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