Emmy Award-Winning Producer & Media Consultant

25+ years of experience producing and marketing award-winning video for networks, top brands, small businesses and everyone in between.

Media Consulting

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It’s important to have a comprehensive media strategy that takes advantage of all content across relevant platforms. I help create communication plans that maximize marketing, public relations and social media through strategic planning and content creation.

Video Producing & Editing

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Community based video storytelling is the heart of what I do. Sharing stories for a group centered around a common cause, belief or organization can have a tremendous impact. I am proud to say videos I produce consistently exceed fundraising goals.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with a handful of quality people who bring intelligence, passion, and hustle to all they do, Denise Naughton is one of those people. Denise has the ability to get the best out of co-workers and is an amazing problem solver in an industry where problems seem to be the norm. 

Matt Gallant
Producer & Host

Denise is the kind of executive producer and producer I love working with because she’s creative and smart, and can think outside the box to find the best way to tell a story and connect with viewers.

Karen Schaler
Emmy Award-Winning Storyteller, Screenwriter, Author & Producer

She’s fun, creative, and you never worry about how the segment will look. I doubt she’s ever missed a deadline, and she brings a keen eye and ear to her work. As talent, you’re very relaxed knowing that as a producer, she will leave no detail to chance! 

Teresa Strasser
Television & Radio Host, Writer


Denis Naughton is an award-winning media professional based in Saint Louis, Missouri.

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